Hyperlapse Your Show-and-Tells


Have you played around with Hyperlapse yet? Don’t wait too long. You are going to want to integrate Instagram’s new time-lapse video-making app with your digital and social media efforts.

Use Hyperlapse to quickly present your unique POV. ย My first Hyperlapse video clearly shows what it means NOT be the fastest cyclist on the Valley Forge bike trail with the help of some Hyperlapse exaggeration ๐Ÿ™‚

Utilize Hyperlapse to showcase what you and your organization can offer that others cannot. For example, I am really good at chasing away seagulls.

Hyperlapse a day in the life of the work that you do (without boring viewers with 10 hours of footage). ย A day in the life of an average seagull on Chincoteague Island, Va., looks something like this:

Hyperlapse is easy to use, and it provides the filters and editing tools you need to make the video short that is right for you. You can share your slowed-down or sped-up Hyperlapse videos on Instagram and Facebook. You can also upload your Hyperlapse short on YouTube and further its reach on Twitter, Google+, etc. Just make sure not to give your viewers motion sickness ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy hyperlapsing!


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