Are You Maximizing Your #Social Reach?

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You tweet. You post. But are you reaching as many people as the social algorithms allow?

Use these quick tips to help make the most of your posts:

  • Add copy. Do not rely on automated article previews to entice followers to click on your links. Explain why you are sharing the link and your point of view.
  • Shorten links. Posts with shortened links get re-shared the most. Check out free services such as Bitly, Hootsuite or TweetDeck. Depending on how much content you generate, you may want to buy a custom shortened domain link to better market your website or business.
  • Include trending hash tags when appropriateHash tags are not just for Twitter anymore. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+ all utilize hash tags to make posts on their platforms more searchable.
  • Create and use your own hash tag when appropriate. Don’t forget to market yourself and your business on social media. Plus, the more your hash tag is used and viewed, the wider your reach.
  • Tag, tag, tag. Think about the individuals, organizations, and media outlets mentioned in the articles or photos you are sharing, and tag them in your posts. Tagging increases the likelihood that your posts will be retweeted and re-shared, and it increases the number of people who view your post, expanding your post’s reach.
  • Incorporate keyword in all blog posts. Similarly to how hash tags help make social media posts more searchable, tagging your blog posts with key words will increase its viewing power. Free blogging sites such as WordPress and MovableType make doing this all the easier.

This list may seem like a lot but it’s so worth doing. Before you hit send or publish, double check that your link works, your photo is in focus, your spelling is on point, and your grammar is correct.

All set? May the social forces be with you!


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