Time to Gif It Up!

Yesterday was a big day for social media folks. Twitter announced its support of animated gifs, marking Tumblr’s gif reign over. And likewise your need to jump into the gif ball game went up a serious notch.

Thankfully there are tons of free tools and sites available to help you transform your still shots and video shorts into memorable gifs. Here are some to name a few: GifMill, GIFMaker.me, MakeAGif, and ImgFlip. Now all you have to do is figure out what is gif worthy.

The Chin Rub Gif
I made this gif using the GifMill app. Animal shelters and rescue groups can make gifs like these to showcase animals in need of a home.

Here are some ideas to help you get started. The bottom line: share your unique point of view.

  • From beginning to end: Use gifs to highlight the skills and efforts behind the completion of new projects. Whether it is a new book or a home makeover — we all enjoy a good behind-the-scenes story.
  • Live gif: Now with the power of Twitter you can send gif highlights of awards ceremonies and lectures as they are happening.
  • How to:  Interactive gifs are a great way to show rather than tell your followers how to use your new product or get to your new location.
  • Gif back: You heard it here first! Reward your followers with gif backs for all their retweets. Create ones that are slightly off topic and creative to make them real tweet treats. Some examples:  “Staff Jugglers,” “Donuts in the Break Room,” and “Origami Fun” — just to name a few.

Happy gifing!





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