Do your social media posts look like this?

I added a @YouTube video via @wordpressdotcom

If they do,  it’s because you auto post. Auto posts are convenient, but they are not engaging (or attractive) on their own. You must adapt each post to suit the needs of your social media platforms. For example, it’s great that you’re updating your Facebook page, but do your Twitter followers want to receive this update in their Twitter feed? And like this, with just a Facebook link:

Despite all the tools and interfaces available to save you time posting, the fact remains: one post does not suit all social media platforms. All posts DO need to include engaging text (your voice and perspective) and the link or image you want your followers to act upon, following the language and culture of the social media platform you are using.

Bottom line: Communications work is work. If you need help managing your social media platforms, get some. You may be doing yourself (and your business) more harm than good.


2 responses to “Do your social media posts look like this?”

  1. Hi celina , thanks for the helpful information!

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