The Unsung Twitter Feature: The Favorite

Fans of Twitter discuss the power of quality tweets, strategic retweets, and keeping the conversation going through old-fashioned replies when raising one’s visibility and following on the platform. But what about the favorite?

I manage a variety of clients’ Twitter feeds. They hail from diverse industries and fields of interest, and likewise tweet about different topics using a variety of tones and speaking styles. Cartoonists and professors just talk differently and they should keep talking differently on Twitter.  But for all of my clients, the one Twitter act that has consistently boosted engagement with their profile is the unsung favorite.  It always pays it forward. Here’s a run-down of how I use Twitter’s favorite feature to maximize the visibility and engagement of my clients’ Twitter handles.

I favorite tweets to:

  • Show appreciation toward my clients’ biggest fans and brand advocates.
  • Draw the attention of influencers and folks who I want following my clients’ handles.
  • Expand my clients’ visibility among followers of industry peers and influencers with similar interests.
  • Say “hello” to new followers and “hello, again” to those who haven’t engaged with my clients’ profiles in a while.

These intentional favorites regularly result in new followers (Hey, I didn’t know you were on Twitter!), retweets (extra thanks), and frequent favorites of my clients’ tweets (new brand advocates). And being one of the first to favorite a tweet definitely goes a long way (major points).

At the end of the day, all communication — whether it’s on Twitter or via a post-it note — is about meaningful engagement. You can tweet and tweet all you want. But if you don’t show your followers that you’re listening to them, or potential followers that you’re interested in what they have to say,  it’s all just a one-sided relationship. And we know those don’t last long.

Have you favorited today?


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