Do You Know Who You Are Following?

Twitter follow button

When was the last time you reviewed the Twitter handles you follow or the Facebook pages you have liked?

Do you know who you’re following?

Keep your social media feeds fresh, fun, and most importantly, relevant to your current interests. Take time to do the following every quarter:

  • Unfollow inactive accounts.  Lots of individuals and organizations join Twitter but don’t tweet. If unfollowing them altogether on Twitter seems too harsh, you can always create and add them to a private “Check out” list, just in case they do start tweeting. You might also check to see if that person is active on other social media platforms, and follow them there instead.
  • Unfollow repetitive accounts. Unfortunately, there are a good number of folks who auto-post the same content on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Weed these pages, and just follow the individual or the organization where you would prefer to see them.
  • Curate your social media feeds. My Twitter feed is dedicated to my work life: social media and the media industry. My Facebook feed is devoted to news from family and friends. And my Instagram feed is all about foods and scenic views from places I love or I am curious about. Ask yourself: What do your social media feeds do for you?

All done? Now add some new energy to your social media feeds by following some new pages. In a few months, do this all over again, with the aim of cleaning house every quarter. Happy following!


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