Out of Posts? Try These 3 Fun Ideas.

Tired of sharing industry news on Twitter? Don’t have another blog post or organization update to publish on Facebook? Add some life to your usual social media rotation. You’ll strengthen your relationship with your followers and have some fun.

Here are three easy posts to try:

A day in the life.
If you haven’t already, live-tweet or post photo updates to your Facebook page of everyday happenings and community events that showcase your personality and point of view.

Trapper Keeper
Lunch breaks can offer worlds of surprise. Like a Trapper Keeper worth $75. I should have kept mine!

Community share.
What is something we all experience? A birthday. Spring blossoms. Did you just finish a book that is trending?  Show your followers that you’re human, too!

Spring blossoms
I took this photo when #signsofspring was trending on Twitter and Instagram.

Out of the office.
Give your followers a head’s up when a vacation is approaching by posting photos from past vacations. Bonus: everyone enjoys sharing vacation tips.

As soon as the weather gets warmer we all dream of places to get away. New England beaches do the trick for me.

If you haven’t already, post a #ThrowbackThursday post of yourself that you can tolerate, and share some #FridayReads.

Up the ante with creative videos of your POV on the everyday (your desk can provide plenty of fodder) via Instagram and Vine and  easy-making gif sites such as Gifmaker.me. Long weekends and vacations away also make great times to create arsenals of fun posts to share in real-time or when you’re stumped. Enjoy!



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